Telecommunication Sector

In Bangladesh, Telecom sector has seen mobile penetration growth that has exceeded all expectations to bring the vision DIGITAL BANGLADESH of Bangladesh Government in reality. In recent years, the Telecommunication Sector of Bangladesh has seen some bold moves from the operators and the regulators, including merger of two of the leading providers, takeover of one operator by a foreign operator and revocation of license of another leading operator for non-compliance. The leading provider has already exhausted its designated number series and received permission from the authority to use a new series. The second largest operator, after merging with the 4th largest, has also applied for a new series.

Telecom sector has transformative impact on the economy in terms of aggregate investment, Foreign Direct Investment and productivity levels. The Government of Bangladesh has revisited its taxation policy for mobile telecommunication industry for creating opportunity for them to reach out to poor population of rural Bangladesh. Such decision will attract more investment by the telecommunications operators. The government will accelerate the process of introducing new telecommunication technologies (e.g., 4G, LTE) in the mobile telecom sector through transparent licensing system. However, at the same time, various rules & regulations have been implemented and best practice guidelines have been issued for ensuring regulatory compliance and control. All providers and operators are now seeking for effective legal advice for compliance with these rules and guidelines. A.S & Associates can provide one stop legal support to the telecom sector with practical advice related to setting up the new venture and on the regulatory issues including licensing, agreements, equipment borrowing or leasing.

We have the experience of advising telecom operators on licensing and regulatory issues, including licensing guidelines and auction process, interconnection agreements, frequency allocations, equipment leasing and infrastructure sharing agreements.

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