Real Estate, Immovable Property & Development

Real estate business is one of most rising ventures in Bangladesh. This sector plays an important role for sustainable development of the economy of Bangladesh. In each year approximately 9,000 to 10,000 units of apartment deliver to the people who are expecting to be an owner of the apartment at the same time approximately 5,000 to 6,000 units of plot deliver to the people who are expecting to be a land owner. Currently, number of the members of Real Estate & Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB), an association for real estate developers are 1,151 which was commenced with 11 members only in the year of 1991. The need is equal, if not more, for the hundreds of business start ups. With significant increase in the foreign investment, recognized business ventures are also opening their branches and concerns in Bangladesh.  These statistics clearly demonstrate that in coming years, the real estate sector would require specialized legal services, both for individuals and investors. At A.S & Associates, we have an expert and efficient team, who are responsible to ensure the ownership of the respective plot and apartment by scrutinizing the land documents, negotiation with the parties and any other legal activities. Besides our legal team we also have an effective survey team who are responsible to ensure the possession status of the aforesaid land and/or apartment by conducting the physical verification on the concerned government authority.

Practice Team

Practice Lead:

Sayeed Abdullah Al Mamun Khan, Partner

Team Leader:

Ibdita Farhat Tropa, Associate

Team Members:

Faria Haq, Associate

Amatul Uzma, Junior Associate