Litigation & ADR

Despite the recent growth of the corporate sectors in Bangladesh, the legal profession is still dominated with high volume of litigations. To ensure our clients are receiving best litigation supports, we offer litigation services through 03 (Three) separate wings of A.S & Associates, dedicated for the Criminal Litigations, the Civil Litigations and the Writ Matters at the High Court Division respectively. Each litigation team has its dedicated members and the team leader for expedited service to our Clients, including issuance of suit, preparing response to suit documents, preparing appeal documents and its response and filing writ applications covering administrative and constitutional matters.

Also, with the increasing growth of the corporate sectors, high volume of international commercial transactions between various local, international and multinational companies, and considering the increasing popularity of alternative dispute resolutions in light of the backlogs of litigations in the courts, we have initiated a separate wing dedicated for various types of alternative dispute resolutions, including arbitration, mediation and conciliation. Our team of ADR experts are assisting our clients with resolving their legal disputes through these alternative mechanisms efficiently.

Practice Team

Practice Lead:

Sayeed Abdullah Al Mamun Khan, Partner

Civil & Criminal Litigations
Team Leader (Overall)

Jalal Uddin Khan, Head, Maymensingh Branch

Omar Ali Khan, Senior Associate (High Court-Civil)

Humayun Kabir, Senior Associate (High Court-Criminal)

Team Members:

Rokonuzzaman Prince, Senior Associate (Civil)

Emrul Kayes, Senior Associate (Criminal)

Company, Writ & Admiralty Matters

A.S.A Bari, Managing Partner

Farhana Khan, Partner

Team Member:

Humayun Kabir, Senior Associate

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Ferdausur Rahman, Partner

Farhana Khan, Partner

Team Members:

Dewan Faisal, Senior Associate

Faria Haq, Associate