Government, NGOs, Non-profit or Charitable Organization

We understand that legal support required by different Govt. entities, Non-Profit Organizations, NOGs or Charitable Organizations/Foundations is inherently different from the need of the corporate sector. In fact, these entities are governed by special legislations and regulations. However, due to the nature of business, often these entities have limited time to focus on the special legal requirement related to their organization, though they are under the obligation to comply with those provisions. We understand the specific legal and business needs of each of these clients and provide smart, effective and customized practical solutions to them. Our practitioners in this sector are well experienced in this sector and equally passionate about supporting the public interest. We provide legal support to different non-profit corporations, charitable trusts, trade associations, professional societies, private foundations, advocacy groups, private and public schools, colleges and universities, hospitals and many other types of similar organizations working in the public sector without profit. Our services generally includes but not limited to special legislation, corporate governance, employment issues, tax matters, exemption, compensation and benefits, tax-exempt ventures, business transactions involving one or more nonprofits or for profit organization.

Practice Team

Practice Lead:

Ferdausur Rahman, Partner

Government Organizations:
Other Partners:

Sayeed Abdullah Al Mamun Khan, Partner

Team Members:

Faria Haq, Associate

NGOs, Non-Profit & Charitable Organization:
Other Partners:

A.S.A Bari, Managing Partner

Team Members:

Dewan Faisal, Senior Associate