Energy & Power

The Government has given highest priority to the power sector development in Bangladesh and is committed to making electricity available to all citizens by 2021. In this connection, the Government has initiated implementing reform measures in the power sector, including significant development programs. As on April 2016, total installed generation capacity was 12,339 MW including 6,440 MW in the public sector and 5899 Megawatt in the private sector. The Government has prepared the Power System Master Plan to realize its vision for the Bangladesh power sector. According to the plan, installed capacity will rise to 30,000 MW by the year 2021. Therefore, it is our contention that the Energy & Power sector would grow rapidly as well in the next few years. The Govt. of Bangladesh is facilitating establishment of multiple LNG, Coal, Solar and Wind based power plants on BOT or BOO basis. We provide specialized services to the foreign entities and their local partners in this sector ranging from preparation of the project documents to finalizing the contracts to addressing legal issues during operation of the plants.

Practice Team

Practice Lead:

A.S.A Bari, Managing Partner

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Dewan Faisal, Senior Associate

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Faria Haq, Associate