Compliance, Governance and Regulatory Matters

With the change in the corporate culture, the need of regulatory and policy compliance, good governance and internal control have increased significantly. Even the local business entities are now being compelled to adhere to minimum industry standard for surviving the competitive international markets.

The business entities are now opting for robust internal policies, procedures and governance framework, with the commitment and obligation of implementing those in practice. Employees are now more aware of their rights and hold their employers accountable for policy compliance through judicial interventions. International business partners and collaborators are demanding the local companies to upgrade their business culture in line with international best practices. Investors and donors are imposing non-negotiable compliance conditions for transparency, accountability and safety & security.

At the same time, the Government is implementing regulatory framework for the business entities for ensuring fiscal prudence, environment safety, health safety and protection of human rights. Each sector requires the companies to obtain different types of renewable licences and certificates for operating their business within that sector. Independent mobile courts, comprised of executive magistrates are enforcing those regulatory requirements by imposing sanctions.

If you need assistance with your Regulatory & Policy compliance or with your governance mechanism, at A.S & Associates we can provide you the full support. We advise our clients regarding all the regulatory matters during setting up their business and we do legal audit for existing business entities for assessing compliance and providing advice related to remedial measures. We offer services related to preparing and/or reviewing internal processes and policies for promoting operational compliance. We can assist your organization with designing a cost effective corporate compliance programs in light of the size, forms of entity, focusing point of operation and structure of management. We also assist our clients in addressing potential variations of those programs and the underlying laws and regulations.

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