Banking & Financial Institution

The opportunity for Banking and Financial Institutes are enormous in the context of the developing economy of Bangladesh. With  projected grow of economy from $180 billion to $322 billion by 2021, 6.6% growth rate of the GDP, net Foreign Direct Investment hitting over $2.2 billion in 2015, the Banking & Financial Institutes are likely to become one of the most profitable sectors of Bangladesh. The ever growing population and the changes in the social and corporate culture have accelerated the expansion and growth of Bangladeshi banking & financing sector. In accordance with the report of Bangladesh Bank, there are 56 scheduled banks, 4 non-scheduled banks and 31 Financial Institutions operating their business in Bangladesh, which is increasing day by day. As of now there are 9 Foreign Commercial Banks operating their business in Bangladesh and it is very much expected that in the near future more banks will initiate their business through opening new branches in Bangladesh.

The firm provides legal solution and advising regarding setting up, merger, acquisition, restructuring, policy making and operational issues of Banking and financial institutions. The firm provides specialized legal services to the Banks/Financial Institutes with due diligence process, mortgage, loan agreements, non-performing loan recovery suits, hypothecation, syndication, issuance of commercial papers and issues related to their internal policies and employment matters. A.S & Associates regularly works with 18 different Banks and 4 Financial Institutes and has the experience of working with Foreign Banks for setting up new financial institute in Bangladesh.

Practice Team

Practice Lead:

A.S.A Bari, Managing Partner

Team Leader:

Niyamul Haque, Senior Associate & In-Charge, Moulovibazar Network Firm

Team Members:

Dewan Faisal, Senior Associate

Ibtida Farhat Tropa, Associate

Faria Haq, Associate