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As a Developing Country, Bangladesh is rapidly growing in various industrial sectors. The mandate of the current government of Bangladesh is to be a developed country by 2050. To facilitate the process, Govt. has created multiple Special Economic Zones and is providing incentives to business corporations. To intensify the development, Govt. has given special significance to import and export of goods and materials in and out of the Country. Since, the easiest cost effective mode of transportation for these businesses is by way of sea, the Govt. has installed a new Deep Sea Port  “Payra” on the Bay of Bengal, in addition to the two previous Ports. Bangladesh is a maritime nation with 1, 66,000 sq. km area of sea, abundance with living and non-living resources. There are more than 200 rivers all around the country, with a total length of about 22,155 km, which occupy about 11% of total area of the country. Here rivers and water transports play a vital role for economic and commercial activities in Bangladesh. Major export and import of Bangladesh (about 85%) is also travelled by sea. The famous port ‘Potenga’ was listed by Lloyd’s List, the leading and the oldest source for the Maritime industry, as the 76th busiest ports in the world. It was noted that despite worldwide decline in the volume of shipment, the volume of containers carried through this Bangladeshi port actually increased in 2015, hitting over 2.02 million containers in that year. The increase was 17% more in compare to the last year. In 2016, by end of August the port has seen carriage of 15.5 million containers, expected to reach 2.32 million by the end of the year. The increase in volume of shipping activity is a direct indication of development of the economy as export-import of industries within the country largely depends on shipment. The statistics clearly suggests that the businesses are expanding fast in Bangladesh. Consequently the Maritime and Shipping industry, along with the legal practice related to Admiralty matters, are flourishing in Bangladesh. At A.S & Associates, we have the necessary expertise for your legal need in this sector. We offer practical advises and act as an advocate in both ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ shipping works which includes but not limited to any kind of dispute in relation to international sales contracts, charter party dispute, bill of lading disputes, any mortgage or charge of the ships or their shares, marine insurance claims, cargo claims, collision and salvage related issues etc.

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