About Us

A.S & Associates is a Bangladeshi law firm based in Dhaka with a branch office at Mymensingh and a networked legal firm at Moulovibazar, Sylhet. The firm provides a comprehensive range of modernized legal services for both national and international clients.

A.S & Associates was founded by late Alhaz Abdus Samad, one of the pioneer advocates of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Furthermore, Mr Samad was considered as one of the veteran and leading income tax advisors of Bangladesh having long standing experience of more than 40 years. Besides excelling in his profession, he was a renowned social activist and, was elected as the President of Dhaka Taxes Bar Association and Treasurer of the Supreme Court Bar Association.

Currently, the Chamber is managed by four (04) Partners and is comprised of a group of young energetic lawyers and seasoned veterans. The team of A.S & Associates ensures highly professional and positive legal assistance and practical advice in quick time.  As a law firm, A.S & Associates believes in efficiency, effectiveness and success, which also define the characteristics of the firm. We provide specialized legal services for Foreign Direct Investment, Corporate & Project Financing, Capital Market, Corporate Restructuring including Merger & Acquisition, Energy & Power Sector, Banking & Financial Institution related matters, Construction Sector, Employment Law, Real Estate & Land related matters, Corporate Governance & Compliance, Telecommunication & Admiralty matters and Litigation & Arbitration. In recognition of its professionalism and the quality of the service it provides, Acquisition International, Staffordshire, UK (a publishing house that has reinvigorated corporate financing news and reporting) has awarded A.S & Associates as the “Securities and Exchange Advisor of the Year -2013, Bangladesh”,  and the “Best Corporate Law Firm- Bangladesh 2016” Award. In 2016 Acquisition International has recognized A.S & Associates as the Recognized Leader in M&A Law. Also, recently A.S & Associates has received the ‘Most Outstanding Law Firm of 2016’ Award from Wealth & Finance International as recognition of its contribution to different high-profile corporate matters. Furthermore A.S & Associates has become a Global Law Experts recommended Law Firm with a Global Law Experts recommended Attorney in the Firm. A.S & Associates has also become the first and the exclusive Bangladesh member of TAGLaw®-a worldwide alliance of independent Law Firms over 90 countries.

Moreover, in recognition of its excellent and pioneer service, World Bank approached A.S & Associates to contribute in its several projects on pro-bono basis, which A.S & Associates gladly accepted, and since 2012, as part of its CSR activities, A.S & Associates had been participating in various projects of World Bank including “Doing Business Project” where the Chamber contributed to ‘paying tax’ and ‘enforcing contracts’, “Benchmarking Public Private Partnership (PPP) Procurement in Bangldesh-2017 Project” and “Benchmarking Public Procurement in Bangladesh-2017 Project”.

Our Objectives

  • Providing client focused legal assistance to all business organizations and private clients.
  • Providing quick, time efficient and cost effective legal assistance
  • Providing highest standard of professionalism
  • Providing dedicated, dignified and integral service to our clients through implementing our customer care policy
  • Ensuring expeditious litigation
  • Ensuring loyalty and full confidentiality to our clients
  • Enhancing performance by constant monitoring and using the outcome to introduce improved method of service.

Our Commitments

Our clients’ are our number one priority and with the experience and enthusiasm of our team, we are committed to provide international standard to all our clients. We believe in the capabilities of our firm and, we are committed to provide the best quality and valued service. We believe in what we do and, what we do best is that we provide professional legal assistance to our clients. We assure discipline, determination and devotion in everything we do and, we promise our clients Every Legal Help!

Practice Area

Corporate & Project Financing and Direct Foreign Investment

Bangladesh is a booming economy, recently making the list of low-middle income countries as per the World Bank. Consequently, in Bangladesh, the fastest growing practice area is the Corporate/Project Financing & Investment as the economy is enlarging with a stable government in power. According to the IMF, the Bangladeshi economy is projected to grow from $180 billion to $322 billion by 2021.

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Energy & Power Sector

The Government has given highest priority to the power sector development in Bangladesh and is committed to making electricity available to all citizens by 2021. In this connection, the Government has initiated implementing reform measures in the power sector, including significant development programs.

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Litigation & ADR

Despite the recent growth of the corporate sectors in Bangladesh, the legal profession is still dominated with high volume of litigations. To ensure our clients are receiving best litigation supports, we offer litigation services through 03 (Three) separate wings of A.S & Associates, dedicated for the Criminal Litigations, the Civil Litigations and the Writ Matters at the High Court Division respectively.

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Real Estate, Immovable Property & Development

Real estate business is one of most rising ventures in Bangladesh. This sector plays an important role for sustainable development of the economy of Bangladesh. In each year approximately 9,000 to 10,000 units of apartment deliver to the people who are expecting to be an owner of the apartment at the same time approximately 5,000 to 6,000 units of plot deliver to the people who are expecting to be a land owner.

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Employment & Labor Law

Although Bangladesh is not developed in the industrial sector, the progress of development in this sector is remarkable. Govt. of Bangladesh has introduced number of different legislations and policies, in line with international requirements, for protecting its labor market.

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Compliance, Governance and Regulatory Matters

With the change in the corporate culture, the need of regulatory and policy compliance, good governance and internal control have increased significantly. Even the local business entities are now being compelled to adhere to minimum industry standard for surviving the competitive international markets.

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Government, NGOs, Non-profit or Charitable Organization

We understand that legal support required by different Govt. entities, Non-Profit Organizations, NOGs or Charitable Organizations/Foundations is inherently different from the need of the corporate sector. In fact, these entities are governed by special legislations and regulations.

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Telecommunication Sector

In Bangladesh, Telecom sector has seen mobile penetration growth that has exceeded all expectations to bring the vision DIGITAL BANGLADESH of Bangladesh Government in reality. In recent years, the Telecommunication Sector of Bangladesh has seen some bold moves from the operators and the regulators, including merger of two of the leading providers, takeover of one operator by a foreign operator and revocation of license of another leading operator for non-compliance.

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International & Commercial Contracts

In the Corporate World, the importance of Agreement cannot be denied in any way rather it bears extensive significance. All corporate transactions are based on and governed by the mutually agreed terms and conditions of the Contract. We believe that a meticulously drafted agreement, that captures and reflects the understanding of the Parties, is the key to a successful business relation and makes the difference between a long and complex  legal battle and an amicable resolution in case of a dispute.

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Bangladesh as an emerging developing country is committed to augmenting revenue and achieving fiscal discipline with a view to increasing self-reliance. The external environment influencing the tax performance of Bangladesh has changed remarkably as the country became increasingly integrated with the global economy.

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Corporate Affairs & Restructuring including Merger & Acquisitions

In light of the globalization, the way business is conducted in Bangladesh has changed fundamentally. The Government has put much emphasis in developing the Business sector of the Country and thereby offering incentives, tax holiday for new business enterprises. The manifestation of the government has also been proved in the decision of establishing some Economic Zones (EZs) at different parts of the country.

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Admiralty/Maritime & Shipping Law

As a Developing Country, Bangladesh is rapidly growing in various industrial sectors. The mandate of the current government of Bangladesh is to be a developed country by 2050. To facilitate the process, Govt. has created multiple Special Economic Zones and is providing incentives to business corporations.

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Capital Market

The Capital Market of Bangladesh is the major heart of financial sector of Bangladesh. Its capital market is the third largest in the south Asia region. It has two full-fledged automated stock exchanges. The Securities and Exchange Commission regulates the stock exchanges and the listed securities over the market.

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Banking & Financial Institution

The opportunity for Banking and Financial Institutes are enormous in the context of the developing economy of Bangladesh. With  projected grow of economy from $180 billion to $322 billion by 2021, 6.6% growth rate of the GDP, net Foreign Direct Investment hitting over $2.2 billion in 2015, the Banking & Financial Institutes are likely to become one of the most profitable sectors of Bangladesh.

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